August 2018 - I got cast in the lead role of the film Waves created within 48 hours (!!) for the 48 Hour Film Project! Check it out:

August 2018 - Some shots from the premiere of Waves - I could get used to seeing myself on the big screen... 🎬

July 2018 - Woohoo!! I booked an Industrial for NY’s Administration for Children’s Services portraying a young Russian mom! Get it on 🎥🌟


June 2018 - Samsung decided to book me again to record some more voice-overs and they are flying me out to California again, woohoo!!

June 2018 - So much fun today modeling for Get Choosy!! What an amazing new brand!

May 2018 - BAM! Booked a fit modeling job for UNIQLO, landed at 6.30am from my Samsung commercial in California, went straight to UNIQLO, worked from 9am-6pm and now... finally sleep :)

May 2018 - Wow, I just booked a Samsung voice-over commercial in Russian!! The recording takes place in California and they are flying me out there this weekend! 

March 2018 - Bam!! Just became the new fit model for Theory - love that brand!

February 2018 - Woot, woot, had a great audition for the casting director of "Stranger Things"!

November 2017 - Check out some behind-the-scenes pics from the shoot of my new TV Show The Pointe!

October 2017 - Just had my first audition for BULL!! It's gonna be a busy season...

September 2017 - It's a wrap!! What a successful week shooting The Pointe as both an actress & producer!

August 2017 - Headshot of my character Mrs. Bucci, an Italian swinger-lady, for the new TV Show The Pointe

June 2017 - Exiting news: I am co-producing the new TV Show The Pointe, that I will be also acting in! Join our journey here:

May 2017 - Booked a commercial with a view!!

April 2017 - Learning the 3rd movement of Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata in a day?       Challenge accepted!

March 2017 - Back on set with the wonderful director Katya Skakun

February 2017 - Yay, just had a fantastic audition for The Americans!! 

January 2017 - Starring in a film inspired by the historical Game 8 of the World Chess Championship 2012, Anand vs. Gelfand

December 2016 - Getting make-up ready to star in a horror film... Booh!

November 2016 - What a week! Booked a pharmaceutical commercial, got booked as a fit model for Tory Burch, and now self-taping myself for a new TV show with Geoffrey Rush.

October 2016 - It has been two wonderful weeks at the New York Film Festival! Thank you, Mike Mills, Paul Verhoeven and Ang Lee for all your inspration!

September 2016 - Shooting a historical TV drama set in the 1940s

August 2016 - Just had a successful audition for Ocean's Eight and a fantastic callback for Lynne Ramsay's new feature opposite Joaquin Phoenix... fingers crossed!!!

June 2016 - Production stills from the shoot of my latest film By Candlelight, in which I am portraying a Russian pianist... not much character work needed for that role!

May 2016 - Production stills from the shoot of a wonderful feature film I got cast in portraying a young woman from the Middle East 

March 2016 - My campaign for the Berlin State Ballet is out! To watch all 5 videos just check out their website:

December 2015 - Just became the new face of the Berlin State Ballet!

September 2015 - Becoming an Italian lady from 1930 for a national commercial

July 2015 - My summer camp counselor outfit for my Broad City audition

June 2015 - A successful callback for the lead in a new show on Comedy Central